Trip Planner

Web app that allows people to compare the lowest ticket prices of the season


People who have friends and family all over the world want to visit each other but finding a good time for everyone is often a hard task.

A web app that allows people that live far away to choose the best date to travel and arrange holiday plans based on the lowest fare in a time range.

Other Details

Data Hackathon September 2014

My Role
UI Designer - Solo

1. Ideation

I sketched different user flows and interfaces and received feedback from the 2 developers that joined me. We were all new to hackathons. Working with them gave me a good idea of how to work with back end developers.

Image of business goal and users goal

Image of user flows

Image of sketches

2. Prototyping

Prototype and User Testing
I made the wireframes in Sketch and used InVision to make a clickable prototype for the presentation. Meanwhile the developers made the back end. I also helped them with the front end development of the interface.


Image of wireframe