Investigating buying patterns and life values of potential costumers


Project Brief
Explora is a feminist online magazine and e-commerce. They need identify their users values, likes and consuming patterns. My job is to deliver personas prioritized and give recommendations.

Part of the copy-write contradicts those values because employees don't know much about feminism.
The greatest challenges are Colombian patriarchal culture and Colombian insecurity–banks security procedures for internet purchases.

The main persona is Carla. She is an intersectional sex positive feminist with experience buying sex toys and willing to spend money in the products. They are active internet users.

To write terminology aligned with Carla's values. To create guidelines and follow them. To stop targeting people that don't have online habits as main users of the website. To offer an alternative payment method for people interested but afraid of online purchases. Etc.

Other Details

• Interviewing and working remotely is always a challenge, it needs a lot of follow up in order to give good results.

• My strategic recommendations helped Explora reach 60% increase in sales.

2 months and a half, part time - End July 2015 to Begin October 2015

UX Strategist - research, strategy, ux vision and consultancy

Solo with available help from Explora's team.

1. Recruting

Interview Explora
I needed a full context of why they needed my help and what were the expectations and assumptions of each team member.

explora team

explora about

Find people
I asked the team to give me access to their facebook page and peak through the people that have liked, fight or have any contact with Explora. I also asked them for email or data of people who have make purchases and asked permission to contact them and offer them 20% discount on explora products as reward for their help. Most of them were young women.

facebook page

2. Interviewing

I outlined the objectives and the different ways I could frame the questions depending on the person. I set aside this script as a check list of things I shouldn't leave unanswered. I needed demographic data and stories that reflected the persons values, modes of expression, language, and emotions.

  • Work + income
  • Daily routine, family, career, life
  • Experiences with sex toys and sex shops
  • Knowledge of Sex positive, feminism, etc
  • Perceptions of website and the products
  • Internet habits including recurring websites and content
  • People they admire

3. Synthesis and Presentation

Personas document
persona 1 persona 1 persona 2 persona 2 persona 3 persona 3


1. Recruiting

  • Interview Explora team
  • Find people in Explora's facebook page and record of buyers
  • Find people in similar pages
  • Contact them + Offer reward

2. Interviewing

  • Script: write things to find out/objectives and questions related
  • Do interview through video chat- skype + Take notes

3. Synthesizing

  • Determine variables according to objectives
  • Organize data and people interviewed into variables
  • Make personas

4. Delivering

  • Make document of personas including recommendations
  • Present discoveries, personas, and recommendations to the board