Image of myself at the top of bernal heights hill with San Francisco in the background

I'm a UX designer based in San Francisco. I have 7 years of working experience across different areas under the UX umbrella. BA User-Centered Design + MFA Design and Technology.

The projects I like the most are related to social innovation, psychology, immersive experiences, data, travel and outdoors.

Plays with code and hardware
justice advocate
Sci-fi and Fantasy


UX design

My UX strategy for Explora helped them increase sales 60%. I've won several hackathons as sole UX in my teams

Interaction design

I've created interactive environments that earned me recognition from SFAI, Sf Examiner, GevMag and Gray Area

Strategic Branding

My past design work focused on the information design, branding and strategy for new products and services


Each project has its own process. But in general terms:

User Research

Interviews, Contextual inquiry, Shadowing, Competitive analysis, Desktop research, Surveys, IDEO cards, User story mapping, Affinity diagrams, etc


Information architecture and user experience design strategy based on personas and user scenarios that correspond to the user research


Sketching, wireframing and prototyping with constant user feedback until meeting an ideal (or good quality) solution within the constraints



Diana was part of a 2 member team to help suggest a complete redesign of the US Servas website, usservas.org. The suggested redesign was so clear and powerful that the US Servas board was energized to fund a full blown redesign based on her vision for a new US Servas website
– Recommendation by Mary Jane Mikuriya Peace Secretary, Key Person Committee, N Calif. Regional Coordinator, Interviewer at US Servas

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