Diana Galvis

Hi! I'm a User Experience designer.
I'm empathetic, analytical and strategic. INTP.
In my free time I:


# Link Topic
1 Css no classes or ids
2 Write 4 functions
3 Create elements with js
3 Functions to increase like count and add new comment
4 Control lights with buttons
5 Form + API SearchResults
6 Split comma separated inputs
7 Add columns - not done yet
8 Use of firebase data base, local storage
Final Love Diary: checkbox switch, rearranging the arrays, if statements

In Class Exercises

# Link Topic
1 Add prompt as to do list, add image and attributes, toggle classes
2 Write 4 addeventlisteners click to: add, subtract, multiply, divide
3 Add to do list item with check box
4 Make keypressed events
5 Draw an arrow with css and position it next to a div